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Make headlines as a cunning fake news creator in this social impact game.

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Learn more about DROG and how we build resistance to disinformation.

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Hi, we are DROG!

We are a multidisciplinary team of academics, journalists and media-experts. We conduct research, give talks, offer workshops and educational programmes and create innovative tools that help you build resistance to disinformation.

Our team is from all over Europe - but our headquarters are in The Hague.

What we do

By letting you experience how fake news works we increase your resistance to it. This is what makes our games, workshops, public lectures and consulting unique. Our clients range from army generals to a classroom of primary school children.

No friends of fake news

Ruurd Oosterwoud Ruurd Oosterwoud Founder
Sarah Venema Sarah Venema
Jon Roozenbeek Jon Roozenbeek
Bob Reus Bob Reus
Job Zomerplaag Job Zomerplaag
Janine Terlouw Janine Terlouw
Marije Arentze Marije Arentze
Gusmanson Gusmanson

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Inquiries, press: info@aboutbadnews.com

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