The most dangerous game

Are you ready to make headlines?

In the social impact game Bad News you take on the role of a propagandist. Enter the shadowy world of online deceit and rise to power. Build your army of online trolls and spread conspiracies to influence the public debate and contemplate the dangerous implications disinformation can have on your daily life and society as a whole.

In collaboration with the University of Cambridge we have developed this innovative vaccine to show you how various tactics and methods are used to spread deceitful messages. We believe the best way to cultivate a sixth sense to recognise and expose disinformation is to create it yourself.

The game.

Experience the serious side of playing games with modern media!

Why do you want to play Bad News?

Once you start making fake news (or disinformation) you'll discover how easy it is. You'll go from running your own blog to managing a news network, an army of social media bots and after that... revolution!

  • Discover the power of disinformation!
  • Focus on emotional issues to prevent rational discussion!
  • Get millions of followers, disregard the cost!

Where can you play Bad News?

It's free! Play it in your browser right now. Play the game!


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